Lunch Menu

The meals at the school are of a high standard and are provided by Thurrock Catering Services. The cost from 1st September 2023 is £2.50 per day for children in KS2 (all KS1 children are entitled to a meal at no cost to the parent/carer as it is funded by the government) and in addition to the main meal there is a vegetarian option each day. These are currently prepared and served from the kitchen at the school.

Each child chooses their main course daily as this ensures that each child gets the food that they want. Please note that as the cook is only allowed to cook the meals that are ordered children have to have the meal they ordered that morning. All meals have to be ordered by 9.30am each day and so if your child is going to be late for any reason and will require a school dinner please call us and let us know what they would like as, without exception and even if they are entitled to a free school meal, if a child is late and hasn’t pre-ordered a meal the cook will be unable to provide a lunch for them.

Menus are available from the school office and are also displayed in both dining halls and each classroom for the children to see. Please click on the menu link below to view them. The menus work on a 3 week rota.

Spring + Summer Menu 2024 Giffards

Although school dinners are ordered daily they are payable for in advance each Monday, or the first day of the week that the school is open. Dinner money can be paid on-line or via credit card, as with all trips etc. We do not take cash payments for dinners or trips. Please click here for the link to the on-line payments system.  A credit is given for any absence. Written permission is required for children in the KS2 going home for dinner. Children who go home for lunch may return at 12.50pm and should be both collected and report back to Main Reception.

Although free school meals are provided for all children in KS1 as well as for parents of pupils in KS2 in receipt of Income Support/Income Based Jobseeker’s Allowance/Universal Credit we do ask that even if your child does not have a school dinner and you are in receipt of  any of the below you still apply. For every child who has been granted free school meals the school receives additional funding, called Pupil Premium funding.

In the 2023 to 2024 financial year, we will receive £1,455 for every pupil registered as eligible for free school meals at any point in the last 6 years.  You check/apply for free school meals online via Thurrock Council however if you would like some help with applying or have any questions please do contact the school office, who will be happy to assist to you.

School also receive £2,300 for each looked-after pupil who:

and £300 for every child of a service family.