We encourage all children to wear our uniform. This fosters a feeling of belonging to our school community and helps children feel equal to each other. We do ask that uniform is named as this will aid items to be returned to their owners.

School cannot be held responsible for loss of clothing, shoes or other personal items.

Uniformwise, Urban Uniform and  MyUniform can supply all of your child’s uniform needs, including good quality cardigans and jumpers as well as polo and PE shirts with the school logo on. School ties are available from Uniformwise.

Uniformwise can be contacted via their website www.uniformwise.co.uk  or by phone on 01375 644744.

Urban Uniform can be contacted via their facebook page nuniform.co. uk or by phone on 01375 767997

You can shop online at MyClothing using this link. Make sure that when checking for Giffards you enter the Local Authority as Thurrock and not Essex.


Winter Uniform   

Grey skirt/trousers/pinafore dress           Charcoal grey jumpers and cardigans with school logo on

Grey socks for boys & white for girls        Mid grey jumpers/cardigans

Grey/black/white tights

Shoes flat black (no flashing lights or trainers allowed)

In EYFS/FS – plain white polo shirt preferably with logo on with square collar ONLY

In KS1 and KS2 – plain white cotton shirt with square collars (no blouses)

Ties for Yr 1 upwards – Yrs 1-3 elasticated short ties, Yrs 4-6 full length normal ties

No boots, including Ugg boots, or trainers allowed – if children wear them to school they will have to change into plimsolls whilst in school.

Summer Uniform

Dress                              pale yellow & white gingham, charcoal grey cardigan

Shorts                            grey

Shoes                              white sandals or flat black shoes

Socks                              white with summer dress or grey

Summer hats/caps      plain with no writing, only logo allowed is school logo


Top                                 white

Shorts                            black or white

Tracksuit                       for colder weather

Plimsolls                       black slip-on plimsolls for PE inside across the school, pupils are encouraged to wear trainers for outside PE lessons.

‘Tram lines’, hair products and hair gel are not part of our school uniform. We ask parents/carers not to apply such products to children’s hair prior to school.

Plain black, grey or gold headbands and bows are acceptable.

No jewellery or camera watches apart from a small wrist watch  allowed and small stud earrings that must be able to be removed for PE.