Values, Aims & Ethos

At Giffards, where our vision statement is ‘Valuing Everyone as Learners’ we also have a set of aims and expectations which we hope you find as important as we do and help instill them in your children.

Our school is committed to helping every child to achieve their potential.

We want success and good progress for all children. We will maintain a broad and balanced curriculum and will always be keen to enrich this curriculum further and will try to ensure that all our children leave school with a positive disposition for learning so that they will become life long learners.


“Valuing everyone as learners”

Giffards Primary School in keeping with its shared vision of ‘valuing everyone as learners’ aims:

  • To ensure that high quality teaching and learning is delivered consistently across the whole school
  • To raise standards by ensuring that each pupil has appropriate academic challenge and support, continuity and progression
  • To ensure that each and every learner is given the maximum opportunity to develop to their full potential regardless of gender, ethnicity or social group
  • To facilitate learners acquisition of knowledge, skills and qualities which will help them to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically and morally
  • To enable all learners to become independent, responsible, confident and considerate members of their community and society in general
  • To create and maintain an exciting and stimulating learning environment in classrooms and around school


Core Values and Aims

A core value is a central belief clearly understood and shared by every member of the school community.

Our core values arose out of discussion with pupils and other members of the school community, they reflect what we believe to be important about people, about how communities work well and about how we learn and develop knowledge. Our Values inform and shape how Giffards Primary School is organised, how we expect people to relate to each other in school, as well as the content and processes of teaching and learning. Our Core Values focus on the way we work, behave and treat all members of the school community, we recognise their value in developing strong communities. The values form the basis for how we develop strong and positive relationships within the school and in its wider community.

We believe in perseverance, thoughtfulness, cooperation, respect, caring and responsibility.

These core values are displayed prominently and referred to regularly in class, lessons and assemblies.