School Day

The school is open from Monday to Friday at the following times:

Morning Session 8.40am to 12 noon
Afternoon Session 1pm to 3.10pm KS1 ( 32.5 hrs a week)
1pm to 3.15pm KS2 (32 hrs 55 mins a week)
• Registers open at 8.40 and finish at 8.50 Gates will open at 8.40am and school will start at this time with work out in class for pupils to do, the register will start at 8.40am.
• Gates will close at 8.50am and the register will finish at this time.
• Please be aware that any child coming to school after 8.50am will be marked as late. Registers will close 30 minutes after the gates close, any pupil arriving after 9.20am will be marked as an unauthorised absence.
If your child is late and requires a school dinner, this will need to be ordered at the office by 9.30am.
Children should NOT arrive at school before 8.40am unless by prior arrangement.
Please ensure that children in KS2 are made aware that when they leave school at the end of the school day, if the adult who was due to meet them is not there, they must go back in and report to the office.