Healthy Schools

Giffards have now been awarded the national ‘Healthy Schools Status’.

As a school we encourage healthy lifestyles and therefore encourage all our children to walk to school. Copies of our ‘School Travel Plan’ are available upon request in our school office. To further support our aims, our Tuck Shop stocks a range of snacks and drinks that contribute to good health.

Parents are asked to provide healthy snacks for their child’s mid morning break and packed lunches. We allow children to have a water bottle with them in class and we ask parents to ensure they are cleaned daily and refilled with fresh water each morning and brought to school. Please note sweets, crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks are not allowed. We sell water bottles at school and the children can fill up their bottles if they run out during the day. All of our cold water taps are connected to the mains and so drinking water is readily available.

School lunches are also based on Government nutritional standards and provide a healthy, well balanced hot meal at a reasonable price. If parents would like to try out school dinners we do run ‘taster’ days for parents to come along and try them.