Basic Skills Quality Mark

The 10 Elements of the Primary Quality Mark are:

Elements The Primary Quality Mark
Element1 A whole school strategy including an action plan, to improve performance in basic skills.
Element2 An assessment of pupil performance in basic skills in the school.
Element3 A target for the improvement of the school´s performance in basic skills.
Element4 Basic skills improvement plans for pupils underattaining in the school.
Element5 Regular review of the progress made by each pupil underattaining in basic skills.
Element6 A commitment to improving the skills of staff in the school to teach and extend basic skills.
Element7 The use of a range of teaching styles to improve basic skills.
Element8 The use of appropriate teaching and learning material to improve basic skills.
Element9 The involvement of parents in developing their children´s basic skills.
Element10 An effective procedure for monitoring the action plan and assessing improvement in performance in basic skills


As a primary school we had to demonstrate that we had all the evidence in place for each Element before the Primary Quality Mark was awarded.